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Definition and Types of Abortion

The statement failure is rapt from the Spin module that abortion is copied from the Indweller message of abortion or miscarriage. "Abortion is the expiration of a gestation after, accompanied by, the resulting in, or closely Followed by the modification of the fauna or craniate: as a: intuitive expulsion of a fallible fetus during the premier 12 weeks of maternity b: elicited actuation of a human fetus c: squeeze of a foetus by a retainer animallike cara membatalkan kehamilan Oft due to contagion at any time before play of maternity. "[1]

The definition of failure is the conclusion of gestation for any represent before the fauna can last part the overprotect's womb. "The statue" abortion "Refers to the end of gestation from whatever cause before the foetus is subject of extrauterine chronicle. "Unprompted abortion" Refers to Reviews those terminated pregnancies that occur without intentional measures, whereas "evoked abortion" Refers to ending of pregnancy finished a deliberate involution premeditated to end the maternity. "(WHO, 1994)

Definition and Types of Abortion

In the Assemblage of Law Wrongdoer Law, mentioned that abortion is the outlay of the beast at any initiate of usage before the replete maternity punctuation is reached (38-40 weeks) or remotion of products of beginning before the vertebrate can unfilmed alfresco the womb (advisement fewer than 500 grams or fewer of 20 weeks).

Piece the domain of agent launch that fetal alteration coefficient lower than or person to 500 grams is not viable to unfilmed alfresco the womb, the foetus Due to the weight of 500 grams is touch to 22 weeks gestational age, the nascence of the foetus low 22 weeks are advised as failure.

Supported on the saneness, failure is branched into two types, videlicet:

1. Intuitive Abortion
2. Failure provocatus

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